Wukong auto clicker

Wukong Auto Clicker is a good serial clicker tool, easy to operate, no ads, users in Wukong Auto Clicker can set the serial click time and frequency, easy to click, free your hands.

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    Basic Introduction

    Wukong Auto-Clicker App, an auto-clicker developed by Changsha Put Leaky Hall Culture Media Co., Ltd, your phone can be used without rooting, it is suitable for recording regular, repetitive and loopable clicking actions.

    Wukong Auto Clicker

    Software features

      1、In-game hangout for activities, gifts, bosses, the whole process automatically completed, free your hands

      2、Automatic check-in, automatic ticketing, automatic likes, automatic keystrokes, click acceleration, etc., applicable to all kinds of APP

      3、Shopping platform to grab shopping coupons, grab discounts, a key to open, non-stop discount

      4、Watch news, short videos, novels and other apps, browse automatically, hang up easily and get rewards

      5、Automatic collection of Ant Forest energy


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