YuXi Auto-Clicker

YuXi Auto-Clicker is an automatic clicker that allows you to set up various click schedules and sequential clicks to help you handle repetitive clicks, freeing up your hands and allowing you to do your job more efficiently, whether it’s hanging out in a game, working on a job, etc.

Highlights of the YuXi Auto Clicker app.

  1. The app can automatically click on the screen without the need for root authorization, which frees up your hands for use in scenarios such as robocalls.
  2. Not only does it help users to use any application on the phone better, but it also meets the need for automatic operation. When setting up the screen auto-tap function, you can customize the speed and length of the tap, as well as set the position offset range.
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    YuXi Auto Clicker app

    The official version of YuXi Auto Clicker features.

    1. Enjoy a variety of different click operations and know the most complete set of operations in time.
    2. Enjoy a timely online view of all kinds of click operations.
    3. Enjoy the different clicking services online in real time, and enjoy the various setting services will be more efficient.

    Editorial Reviews.
    1, support a variety of automatic click operation mobile phone software, easy to customize the click position, frequency, time interval and other content, easy to set, to bring users more convenient screen automatic click service.

    2, each set screen click script can be saved in real time, the next time you can follow the same script screen auto click, the first time the operation of people can quickly master the method skills under the new fingers.

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